Intuitive Movement and Building a Better Relationship with Your Body.

Today let’s talk about YOUR relationship with YOUR body. Do you have a long history of hating, punishing, or avoiding it? Do you think of your body as an enemy, or as a friend? Often I hear from folks something like “ I want to exercise more and feel better in my body, but IContinue reading “Intuitive Movement and Building a Better Relationship with Your Body.”

What do I do if my teen seems depressed?

If you’ve noticed changes in your teen, such as irritability, withdrawal, sleep disturbance, or a change in appetite, you’re bound to be worried.It can be really difficult to broach topic of mental health with your teen- they may feel judged, or that there’s no way you as their parent can understand what they’re going through.HereContinue reading “What do I do if my teen seems depressed?”

How do I know if my anxiety is ” bad enough” to need treatment?

My short answer to this question is: If you’re asking this question, its probably time to think about treatment. Is your anxiety disrupting your ability to fully engage in your usual activities, sleep, be present in your relationships, or enjoy life? Then it needs to be addressed. Our culture tends to glorify being stressed asContinue reading “How do I know if my anxiety is ” bad enough” to need treatment?”

Let’s take therapy off the couch.

Research has long shown that exercise improves mood and mental health outcomes. At Momentum, the goal is to combine personalized movement with evidence-based therapy to improve overall mental health and wellness. Evidence-based therapy + movement. Welcome to Momentum Counseling.